Layout Rebuild

The layout rebuild page has become too large and awkward and has been broken into somewhat chronological sections. Use the links below to go to the desired section(s).

Demolition — Nov., Dec. 2011 Last Edit – Jan, 2012
Planning and Infrastructure — Nov., 2011 thru Forever Last Edit – May 15th, 2012
Benchwork — March thru June, 2012 Last Edit – May 31st, 2012
Trackwork — June 2012 thru ? Last Edit – August 5th, 2012
Electrical — July 2012 thru ? Last Edit – October 14th, 2012
Scenery — August 2012 thru ? Last Edit – November 16th, 2012

7/30/2012 — CSME engineering and tracklaying staff point fingers as Superintendent "Low Water" Smith arrives to see what all the fuss is about at milepost 392.6. Amidst the charges and countercharges related to the "Golden Spike" ceremony foreman Ben Dover observed that "this is a heckuva way to run a railroad". Dover's sister and chief accountant for the railroad Eilene Dover observed that after 390 miles the tracks were only off by about 5 feet. Work will continue throughout the night to insure proper alignment, grade and gauge for the official Golden Spike Ceremony scheduled for Wednesday evening at the club BBQ.

Photo by Jerry Boudreaux

Layout Design and Trackplan

The CSME layout was deconstructed and removed from the clubhouse after our 2011 open house. In it’s place will be a new layout based on a new Cascade Pacific trackplan.

The new plan is more open and accessible than the previous layout with generously wide aisles. The track will go from its interchange with the BNSF in Albany, OR, thru Corvallis, Philomath, Blodgett, Summit and Eddyville to Toledo. There is room in the Blodgett/Summit/Eddyville area for a loging branch and an extension past Toledo to the Yaquina Bay.

Specs for the new layout are:

  • 36" minimum track radius
  • 2–¼" track spacing
  • #6 minimum mainline turnout
  • 45" track height (lower level)
  • 2% maximum mainline grade
  • 400' approximate mainline length
  • 16' passing tracks (22 to 25 modern freight cars)